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Explore the internet for about 15 minutes looking for a website designer and you’ll find a multitude of design companies, freelancers and postings scattered across job boards, freelance site and company websites. From the United States to across the globe, “website designers are a dime a dozen”. The true value and strength of a designing a strong website, in my opinion, is linked to the ability to appeal to a client’s target market. I have a degree in marketing and have explored many different types of jobs and travelled with nationalities from around the world. Years ago, I immigrated to the United States from South Africa. I have quite a bit of world exposure and experience that has allowed me to blend my creativity and tech savvy ability into creating a Revolutionary web presence for your company.

My schooling and experience has really allowed me to set myself apart from the “dime a dozen” website designer mentality, focused on flashy coding gadgets than on target markets.

My goal is to make getting your business online as simple as possible for you. Before you can become my client I have to complete a brief project document to explain what you are looking for and who your market is. I then take care of everything for you! My services cover logo design, creative and technical maintenance, domain registration and naturally website design.
WebShack360 designs your website in real time, meaning you can go to your domain whenever you would like to see how your project is evolving. It also means we can make changes to your site in minutes as opposed to hours taken with other traditional methods; the great advantage to this is you do not have to wait until the end of the project to realize what your website will look like.

Your one-stop website solution

Our “Zero-Hassle Website Solution” covers all technical and design issues involved in owning a website. read more…

Completely different design philosophy

Using CSS, templates, modules and incorporating web 2.0 technologies; your website is built from advanced modern standards. read more...

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