Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your question has not been covered, please contact us.

How do I contact

You can contact us using either the contact contact form or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is better for us to receive all correspondents in writting but if you would like to speak with us personally please call 412-848-5058.

How long does it take to design my website?

Your project may take up to 6 weeks, depending on how busy we are. Once you register on our site and upload your project form, we will discuss your time frame. We will do our best to keep to your requested time frame without compromising quailty of work.

Will WebShack360 design a completely customized website?

Yes. We will create a unique look for your website by incorporating multiple design elements. You can always review projects we have done for other clients.

Why do I need to refresh my webpage in my browser during the design process?

When you surf the internet, your web browser downloads something called cache files to display the page quicker. Since we're designing and making changes to your website continuously, you may need to refresh your webpage to force your web browser to replace the cache files so the webpage will display correctly.  Hold the "Shift" key and click the refresh icon on your browser.

My website is now finished, how do I request changes to be made to my website?

contact us...

I don't know how to set up my email address. Can WebShack360 do this for me?

Yes. We will send you step-by-step instruction. OR, we can setup your Outlook email account on your computer using services. This is a secure website through which we can temporarily access your computer in order to set up your account.

How much does it cost for monthly maintenance?

The monthly fee is $40. This covers as many changes you need to make to existing functions on your website. It does not cover additional design elements, such as special applications used to translate your website into different languages, displaying images in different ways, and search engine site map indexing, etc.

What will the fees be to request changes to my site if I do not purchase the maintenance plan?

We give priority to clients with the maintenance plan on their account. Making changes for other clients could be as much as $30 per issue depending on how busy we are.

My website has been completed but I need to have some changes made. How do I request changes?

If you signed up for the monthly maintenance plan you will not be charged extra for changes.  If you did NOT select the maintenance plan when you first purchased the website design service, you can sign up for it now, or you can request a quote for a one-time change.

I have a specific idea for my website. How do I request a quote for this idea?

Please let us know about your idea, contact us...

Your website mentions something called Design Elements. What is a Design element?

Design Elments are special programs that work seamlessly with our design program to fulfill a variety of special functions on your site: user registration, images, portfolios, tabs, etc.


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