The Evolution of Design

website design evolution
Every website project we design is unique; this is one of the most challenging aspects of offering a website design service. Your company, the products and services you offer are most likely based in a market with other competitors. You probably appeal to the same type of customer as your competitors. So what makes you unique…? Well, everything! The way your business operates, your customer service, your marketing, your strength at communicating to prospects that they SHOULD be using your company instead of your competitors.
When we design your website we design it live; meaning you can, at any stage, go to your domain and take a look at the progress. The design takes shape as we implement content, design navigation, source images and a host of other technical and creative considerations. Trust us to design a web presence that will appeal to your market.

Responding to Searching Necessities

Responsive website responding to searching necessities
Not everything has to be radical to make an impact. Websites are moving away from being classified as mobile capable to being referred to as being “responsive”. It is actually a very clever word to encapsulate a shift in website coding to fit into the way people use the internet. WebShack360 is following what people want and all our new websites are RESPONSIVE.
A responsive website simply means the layout of the site automatically adjusts to the screen site of the device. So, your website will institutively adjust to iPads, iPhones, smart phones, laptops, large panoramic desktop screens, and the standard 17inch monitor. Welcome to a Huge market! According to Forbes: There are 271 million mobile subscribers in the U.S.

Ecommerce Website Design

website design ecommerce
Yes, we can include an ecommerce function into your website or build a website entirely based around an online shopping purpose. We actively subscribe to quite a lot of development functions to improve the overall shopping experience. This takes a good online shopping experience and changes it to an experience where prospects are more likely to take action and hit the “add to cart” button. We combine this with our responsive website coding; and then end it by letting search engines know your website is ready to be indexed. Before you know it you are reaching out to millions of buyers.

Technical Web Architecture and Coding

website design technical coding architecture
The good news is that you do not need to know anything technical about what you are ultimately looking for in your website. We take care of all the technical stuff for you! It starts with a website project document- we want to know who you are, how you define your market, and what you perceive as the perfect website, plus some other helpful information. We cover your domain registration, creative and technical maintenance of your website, securing it from hackers, updating code, build the website. We even help in writing content for the website based on the information you include in your project. We speak in real, understandable English without including technical jargon to confuse you.

Your one-stop website solution

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Completely different design philosophy

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